Thursday, September 16, 2010

Crepe, Crepe.....

Loves the flour + egg batter fried in a flat pan (summary: Pancake / Crepe) ever since I know this thing exist (thanks to those manga that I read). Even more fascinated when I heard that there is such thing called Mille Crepe appear in this world. The idea of super thin pieces of crepe layered up to form a cake shape with creamy cream stuff in between each layer just make me crazy. Must have! ( I told myself.) But where to get?

Well, from what I heard, the most delicious Mille Crepe in Malaysia lies in Malacca. But before I can go to Malacca, I found it at a place nearer than I can imagine.....

Dessert's Bar, which I spotted while wondering around at Hartamas Shopping Center.

Original Flavor Mille Crepe (RM 8.00)
This is the thing that caught my eyes when I passed through the entrance of Dessert's Bar.
Never have any Mille Crepe before I put this into my mouth, not sure what's the original taste like. But this crepe that I had, it's like a heavy version of cake. Each layer of crepe was slightly thicker from what I imagined, and this make the whole cake texture a bit 'bouncy'. Overall, the taste is nice, just that I can easily feel full just by having 2/3 of this Mille Crepe.

Hartamas Shopping Center
Lot K8, Plaza Ground Floor.
Opening hours:
10am to 10pm (daily)

Nope! Not yet.
My journey of hunting the most delicious crepe won't just end like this.

The time had finally arrived when I and a bunch of buddies went on a trip to PD and Malacca.
Yes, Malacca! That means I can finally taste the legendary Mille Crepe of Nadeje!!!

(Just wanted to show the logo of Nadeje here.) Not much time I had before my trip end, so I had to 'da-pao' the crepe and do all those photo shooting on the car.

Original Flavor Mille Crepe (RM8.50)
50 cents more expensive than the Dessert's Bar's Mille Crepe. But the differences not only at the price.
First impression it gives me is, the whole shape of this crepe hold up more like a perfect cake (not like the previous 1, rounded down at the edge). The texture is definitely lighter, the thickness of each layer is quite even. Not too sweet. And most important is, it's so light that I felt like it melted in my mouth. (OK, maybe I'm a little too exaggerated, solid thing WON'T melt). In conclusion, I love this!

Finally, I have tasted the original Mille Crepe!

When I say I love crepe, of course not limited to Mille Crepe. Moreover, Mille Crepe is just a new stuff I discover recently. My all time favorite is still the japanese crepe (again, salute to my manga.....).

And, here leads to another new discovery after the Nadeje's Mille Crepe.....

Shimino Harajuku Japanese Crepes, a crepe counter that I found at Ikano Power Center.
The design of this whole counter is just too lovely not to stop by. Look at how yummy the displays are.....

The displays not only attracted me.....

Without hesitation.....
Kiwi Crepe (RM7.00 ++, If I'm not mistaken.....) is in my hand.....
Taste just like those crepe from Japan. Soft crepe, stuffed with fresh cream and fruits. Yummy.

That's my favorite, always from Japan.....

Crepe anyone?

Monday, June 7, 2010

My first batch of Egg Tart!!!

When your life is just between office and your bed, you HAVE TO do something else to let yourself realize that you're not a freaking zombie.

My way: Baking!!!
Finally, with the help of my dar dar's sister, my first ever batch of Egg Tart (mini size) is born(applause please.....)!!!
And they look like this.....

Mini Egg Tart (original recipe from

Produce some homemade Egg Tarts that are edible and suits my liking.

Materials & Procedures
I won't write down the TMO for this time because I was too busy making tarts and forgot to take photos (and also because I'm lazy :p). Anyway, you can check it on the link I posted above. Is much more detail and pro than what I can write. (OK, I'm not a good writer.)

I follow exactly the measuring from the original recipe, and I get 23 mini egg tarts. So, if you want more, just double up the material.


Quite a success for a first time try. (^_^)
I have to say, I like to eat this creation of my own. I always feel sad after baking something cause I always fail. But this 1 really not bad (I think).

I really have something extra here.
Got some egg custard left after I finish making all the tarts.
What I did to it?.....

Ta ta!!! I turn it into this!!!
Strawberry Egg Custard Pudding I mean.
Simply just add a little more milk into the custard, put it some chopped strawberries, put it in to a bain marie (water bath), and fetch it into the oven with 150 C for 30-40mins.

Remember, no waste : )

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Asian Food House Restaurant.....

Hang out a lot at Damansara lately, because of work.
After almost consume most of the food that 1 Utama can offer, I and dar dar decided to look for new supplier. And so, Damansara Uptown become our target (he he.....).

Target No.1: Asian Food House Restaurant

Reason: It was late after dinner time and we haven't had our dinner yet. Rush to Uptown, didn't know what to eat. Most of the shop almost close. Then we saw this shop that looks like can offer lots of choices for us.

Looks more like a Japanese restaurant to me. (Yah, Japanese again..... I'm so obsessed with Japanese stuff)
Their menu was more than Japanese food.....Taiwanese, Korean, Local.....basically any food with Asian theme. But I can tell, it's more to Japanese + Taiwanese side. Less choices for other country's cuisine.

Mother of Pearl -Original (RM 5.00)
Large pearl milk tea. Very fragrant one. Smooth and sweet. Addictive taste, just like Yippe Club.

Japanese Curry Pork Chop Rice (RM10.80)
Obviously I'm the one who ordered it. Thick curry sauce with generous amount of potatoes and carrots. Below it was a piece of  fragrant deep fried pork chop. 1 word: YUMMY. The pork chop itself had a kind of fragrant smell in it. Plus the curry was exactly taste like the 1 I ate at Japan, thick and smooth, full with vege sweetness. Normally, people just use our local rice to cook Japanese cuisine. But this one was real Japanese rice. Nice!

Beef Noodle Soup (RM8.80)
Yes, I don't eat beef. But My dar dar did. According to him, it's very DELICIOUS. Fragrant, flavorful soup, with very generous amount of beef slices and beef meat ball (he was smiling while eating this). The only things to critic was, after he ate half of it, the soup started to taste a little saltier.

Sauce that comes with the noodle. Very special taste. Can't tell exactly what's inside. It taste a little sour, lime kind of sour, a little wasabi sharpness inside, and a little ginger taste too. All together, nice combination.

Overall, I'll recommend my colleague to come have lunch with me here if we have time. Cause I think that they have many choices of food here, and the price is reasonable too. You can find many food under RM 10.00 here. Some more, the taste has guarantee. ( according to what I tried that day ).Will come to try more next time :).

Asian Food House Restaurant

38, Jalan SS21/58, Damansara Utama,
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Twenty Niners.....

Food hunting at Kepong again.
Didn't know what to eat anymore.
And, suddenly, a bright red sign board with some Japanese words catch my eye. ( Anything with Jap elements will sure will catch my attention.....haha)

It's called Twenty Niners, a newly opened japanese style western food restaurant.
Still thinking to go in or not at first ( coz the most cheap thing in the menu was the RM12 kids meal ).
But then, one of the worker walked out and told us that there is a All-You-Can-Eat bar inside for those who order a main course.
And so, we went in doubtlessly.....

Is a Japanese style western restaurant. Hamberg Steak seems to be their specialty. And they claim that their beef are wagyu (和牛), which is a very famous type of beef in Japan. And what they have here is wagyu from Aussie.....

The All-You-Can-Eat bar at the end of the restaurant. Featuring various kind of soups, salads, fried snacks, ice-creams and even Japanese curry with Japanese rice!!!

Assorted salads at the bar.....

2 unlimited refill soft drinks (RM 5/ each) and some all-you-can-eat stuff (FOC)

Various choice of salads from the bar. Very refeshing with a touch of Japanese taste. Love the salad dressing. 

Carrot Soup
Sweet thick soup. And when I say sweet, is not sugar-sweet, is carrot-sweet here. Very natural sweet carrot taste with a little savoury taste that a western thick soup should have. Love it.

Salmon Thick Soup
Another type of soup at the bar. Thought it'll be like Campbell + a chunk of salmons when I first look at it. 
But I was wrong. It fill my mouth with seafood when I spoon it in my mouth. Not a trace of Campbell taste in there. 

Japanese Curry Rice
Another FOC stuff. Can't believe I can find my favorite curry rice in the FOC department. When I say FOC, did you thought that is some cheap local white rice with watery curry sauce? No, no, no. This is real JAPANESE RICE, with THICK, flavorful, very Japanese taste curry. You don't know how much I love Japanese curry rice. The rice itself here is heaven for me. Taste exactly like the Japanese curry rice I had in Japan.

Glass Noodle Salad
I know it looks like what, but this is not Meehoon Goreng. This is one of the salads in the bar. Cold, vinegar-kind sour taste. Makes my appetite grows. The taste is so addictive that we have to do an encore on this. 

So much for the FOC stuff, here comes the main course.....

Italian Chicken (RM19.00)
The main course serve rather slow here. I was almost full with the FOC stuff when they serve this. Considering the price, this dish was not as big portion as I imagine it to be. Same as all other food here, they serve this plate of western chicken with Japanese element in it too.....the white radish with some savoury sour sauce on it. Not a big fan of that, coz the white radish had the natural bitter taste in it ( all plain cooked white radish have that taste I think ). The chicken was just cooked (some part still feels raw to me), with cheese and fresh tomato sauce on it. Quite ordinary for a main course at this price, I should say.

Garlic Onion Burger (RM18.00)
Dar-dar's ordered. (who else will eat beef?) This one more impressive than mine. Big burger (50% bigger than mamak's burger) with thick wagyu patty in it. Juicy, sweet beef patty with very Japanese taste. (that's what dar dar says). Quite full though, the patty alone. 

Assorted Ice Cream
Various flavor of ice cream for grad near the curry bar. A prefect touch for an end of the meal. 

Overall, the All-You-Can-Eat stuff were so fantastic, that it make the main course taste so ordinary. Too ordinary for the price they offering. But I really love the Japanese-western flavor they have here. (How many times did I mention Japanese in this post? )

Twenty Niners

Location :
Block C-G-8, Jalan Metro Perdana 3,
Taman Usahawan Kepong, 52100, Kuala Lumpur.
(Shop lots behind Kepong Carrefour, same row with Bel Pesto, and next to a steamboat restaurant)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Lovebite Cafe.....

Born on 14th April 2010, this cafe is the hard-work of a friend of mine, Connie, and her partners.
Of course, when there is food, I have to make sure myself to involve in it (food tasting I mean). Moreover that day was a big day for Connie, sure I can't miss it.

First impression: Clean and tidy space for people to either enjoy food or just plain chat while having drinks.
Love the little painting on the wall, makes the whole place so lovely. Small details, that's what I like :) .Must be the idea of Connie. Always a romantic person.

Second impression: Menu.
Fill with local and western delight, from drinks to desserts. Not many choices, but not little too. Just right for a starting of a cafe.

Next, of course is something that require my taste bud.....

The Drinks:
 Hot Lemon Tea
Ordered by my house mate. Served with quite a generous amount of lemon, I think. Like the taste of the sugar syrup they add in it. Taste a little burned, but not till the caramel level.Makes the whole cup of tea become a little more special to taste.

Hazelnut Coffee Ice Blended (if I'm not mistaken......Forgot what it actually called :p )

Watermelon Juice
Fresh fruit juice, of course (what else it can be..... -_-") I saw the watermelon being processed in front of my eye, so no cheating, all are real fresh fruits in this cup.

Ice Lemon Tea
Same generous amount of lemon, same tea, just that this is the ice version. Meaning, less sugar taste.
Now, the food.....

Homemade Nasi Lemak (if I'm not mistaken, again)
Recommended by Connie herself. Very homey feel. Just like it's made by mummy (that's what my dar dar says). The sambal were not too sweet or too spicy. Personally, I hate those extremely spicy sambal, those that no other taste but spicy. Really, what's the point of tasting nothing but the numbness of your tongue? So, for me, this one is just fine.

Tomyam Fried Meehoon
Quite a big portion for me. And flavorful too.

Chicken Cordon Bleu
My favorite! (Anything to do with cheese and chicken might be my favorite).
Not like other cordon bleu, this version was not breaded and deep fried with no sauce on top. This version included 2 pieces of grill chicken breast, with ham and cheese, plus a layer of creamy sauce around. Although I enjoy all the cordon bleu outside, but I always wish for a little more sauce for the piece of deep fried meat. And, I get it here. 

Dessert time!
Green Tea Tiramisu
Also recommended by Connie herself.
Soft green tea cake with creamy green tea filling in the middle. Love the smoothness of the mousse like filling. Just that I wish the green tea flavor could be heavier.

Honeydew Sago Milk (sorry if I say it wrongly, I really can't remember the exact name :p)

Manggo Milk ( I think )

Cheese Pudding
This was something special. I often eat cheese cake, but not cheese pudding. Smooth milky cheese pudding top with salty cheese sauce. Can't accept the salty taste for a dessert at first. But as I finish it bit by bit, I felt that this is quite a special and nice combination. My house mate love it.

That pudding conclude my visit to this new born baby. 
For a baby, future improvement is a must. Connie told me they will add more choices to the menu from time to time. But for now, so far so good for me, as a customer. 

Lovebite Cafe
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 53100

Mon - Wed: 12:00 pm - 1:00 am
Fri - Sat: 12:00 pm - 2:00 am
Sun: 12:00 pm - 1:00 am

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Yummy 'Traffic'.....

Is been awhile (again!) since my last update my blog.
I know, I'm super duper lazy person.
Always wondering why those professional food blogger do it ( searching for good food, hold themselves back to take photos of yummy food although their stomach are putting the siren on, edit photos, putting them on blog right after the visit, blah, blah, blah.....). I find myself impossible to be one of those pro.
Well, then again, I just wanna share.

And this time, I think I really found a nice place. Nice as in AFFORDABLE and YUMMY at the same time.

Like any other day, I was cracking my head, thinking what to eat for dinner after a long day work, and I was trying my best to avoid places in 1 Utama (coz I was there for almost 3 meal a day * 7 days a week ). So, I and dar-dar decided to go somewhere near, yet not so familiar for us. And we found this.....

The Traffic D'light Cafe, somewhere near Bandar Utama, Damansara.
Think that all food in Damansara are expensive? Think again.

First thing that come to the table after ordering was this.
Snow Fungus & Winter Melon Tong Sui (RM 3.80)
I know is normal to pay RM 3.80 for a bowl of dessert, but.....

Look at the bowl compare to my hand. I don't know bout you, but this bowl definitely a little bigger than what I expect a single portion of tong sui should be. Can divide into four small bowl. Oh, by the way, in this picture was another flavor - Snow Fungus & Sea Coconut Tong Sui (RM3.80)
Both tong sui were nice, not too sweet, and not tasteless either, just perfect. But I prefer the white 1, coz for this dark colored 1, the sea coconut were a little hard to chew.

Pork & Yam Bun (RM 4.50)
Chinese steam bun with stew pork with yam inside. Filling was a little too salty, but if eat together with the bun, it'll be just fine.

Steam Chicken Noodle (RM 6.80) 
Love the sweetness in the soup. Not too salty. Feels like eating ramen in some expensive chinese ramen restaurant. The chicken are quite tender too.

 Fish Steam Meehoon (RM 8.00)
A must try! Cooked like normal steam fish, with meehoon under the fish. So as you can imagine, all the flavor of the fish and vege were fully adsorb by the meehoon. 1 word - Yummy! 

MilkButter Chicken with Rice (RM 8.50)
I always like milk butter stuff. So I ordered this. The portion was quite big. I just wish that the chicken could be juicier, coz this one I had was a little chewy due to the way they fried it. But the taste was just nice. 

Overall, I think this place is great. I even visit it twice in a roll in 1 week to try all these food. And these were just like 5% of what they have in their menu. I'll definitely visit again to try out other stuff. Nice choice of lunch and dinner place for me ^_^.

Traffic D'light Cafe
1-10, Dataran Pelangi Utama One Avenue,
Jalan Masjid, PJU 6A,
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

(Above Carrefour Express, 1st Floor)
(Near One-Utama Shopping Centre)