Sunday, March 28, 2010

The 'Moe' Way.....

Craving for some supper after a movie, a friend suggested to go to this special place for some f&b session.
And this suggestion brings me to this 'MOE' world.....

Moe De Cafe, a cafe located at Bandar Manjalara.
Not just a normal cafe.
Cause they have.....
A whole bunch of comics and novel, enough to open a comic shops, just that they let you read it for free.
And this.....
Waitress dress in french maid's dress!!!

I know this is so normal for place like Japan or Taiwan, but in Malaysia, this is really the first time I saw it.
Only four of them that dress in this way, 2 pink and 2 black. But this alone already enough to attract people to fill up the cafe.

Of course, I'm here for some supper, I won't just pay attention on the waitress alone.

Blue Ocean (RM 6.90)
Beverage that I ordered. Normal soda drink with ice-cream on top. Not much to praise about. Just that I think they put too much ice in it, so I didn't really taste the soda.

Mocha Coffee (RM6.90)
Friend ordered this. Tasteless for him. Too much ice, I think.

Fried Udon Noodle with Chicken in Black Pepper Sauce (RM7.50)
Normal black pepper fried udon. Taste ok for me, just that I wish the portion could be bigger. Too less noodle for me, even as a supper.

Fried Udon Noodle with Venison in Black Pepper Sauce (RM8.50)
Friend's supper. Same thing as mine, but mine is chicken, his is venison. Same comment as mine, plus the venison is extremely chewy (chew till jaw

Steamed Chicken with Salted Fish Bucket Rice (RM9.90)
Dar-dar's supper. Everything in a bucket when they served it, but we're sure that they're cooked in separate place. Reason-tasteless. And I just realize it called "steamed chicken with 'SALTED FISH' Bucket Rice" when I saw the receipt. Never taste any 'salted' thingy in it. Simply some rice with some chicken and vege.

Not that I wanna talk bad about it. I think this place is really cool. Put the 'moe' waitress aside, with so much of comics and board games, and the seats so comfortable, this is really a nice place to have gathering with friends. They even have wifi. But honestly, this place can only be eye candy. Craving for some f&b? Nah, this place not the first choice for me. Other than the f&b, this is really a Heaven for

Monday, March 22, 2010

Way Back To My Past.....

It was a lovely Saturday.
Other than I had to wake up earlier than my usual working day to rush to Putrajaya, there was really nothing much to complain about.

Why I had to rush to Putrajaya? Because.....

The 2nd Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta!

Planned to reach at 7:00am, but in the end, because of can't wake up on time, so we reach at 9:++am instead. Wish to see some special + weird + cute hot air balloon at first, but too bad, we're too late, and all the nice balloon fly off.
Well, is ok. I still get to see some fun stuff there. Like.....
People ready to fly in the air.....
Smiley Balloon.....
And people rolling back and for in a big transparent ball.....

Nothing much I can say bout the fiesta, except crowded, hot and extremely hot. Don't get me wrong, it's not bad. Just that we're too late to get there and most of the nice thing just fly off before us. Overall it still a nice experience coz I never really see a hot air balloon before.

After spending 2 hours in this hot hot environment, the real fun of the day begins.....

The fun was.....We went to have lunch at this lovely restaurant that I used to hang out after school during my secondary school time. It's a restaurant with a beach theme called 阳光海岸 (Sunny Beach), located somewhere near Pudu Plaza ( also somewhere near my secondary school). Quite like this restaurant because it contain my memory of secondary school. I still remember how we walk to this restaurant to have our lunch after some co-curriculum activities at school. And until now, the restaurant haven't really change much compare to how it looks in my memory. Feel that it's quite special cause the whole restaurant really fill with lots of beach element.

They have this big brown area on the wall at the back of the restaurant, fill with sunny-beach theme song lyrics. They even change the song from time to time. All is about beach or summer.
The whole restaurant are fill with blue and beige color. As you can see, they even stick some little dolphins on the wall.
Place for some school girls to live a sweet memo. That's a must for a restaurant near school area. Not  the nicely renovate kind, but it gives me a homely feel instead, with all those kinda homemade decoration filling the restaurant.

Here comes the food time......
We ordered a set meal and a ala-carte rice set. And the set meal included.....

Homemade Gui Ling Go.....
Not a Gui Ling Go fans, so nothing much to say about it.

A glass of Green Tea + Pearl inside.

A rice set. This was my dar-dar's set, and he happen to fancy some fried chicken at that time, so he ordered a Lam-Yu  Friend Chicken Rice. All rice comes with a bowl of soup. Not a heavy MSG type of soup, taste more like home-cook ABC soup to me. Yummy.

They even offer an orange flavor ice tube for each set meal. Another thing that wakes my childhood memory. Seldom see people sell ice tube on the road in these days.

Ta ta!!! My ala-carte rice set. Salad Friend Chicken Rice! Love this so much. Always ordered this whenever I come to this restaurant. Crunchy fried chicken coated with spicy thousand island sauce. Totally suits my taste. All rice set is just RM5.++, and the set meal that my dar-dar ordered is RM8.++. Overall the f&b there is quite reasonable for student and is actually quite cheap for working people who used to pay RM10++ for a set lunch like me (work at high class area mah.....)

A full and nice lunch just not enough for me to enjoy my secondary school memories. A piece of  fried prawn
cake is a perfect add on.

Freshly made from a mobile store park in front of Pudu Plaza main entrance. Again, taste of my past. Always pay RM0.70 to get this piece of crunchy prawn cake to satisfied my mouth and my stomach after a tiring school day. Not soggy and thick at all. Nicely fried round shape prawn cake outside, with slightly soft filling in the middle, fill with prawns and carrots. Just simply nice.

A nice lunch and a piece of crunchy snack for my tasty secondary school memories. The next of course is DESSERT!!! And our target is the 100 Yen shop at ss2, because in there have something so soft and sweet and cold.....

What we ordered was grape flavor snowy ice. Too sweet for my liking. Prefer the green tea snowy ice I tried before.

Restless stomach just won't stop here. The next stop is the place where we'll have our college gathering- Yippee Club at SS2.

Honestly, nothing tasty to eat there, but there is this one beverage, enough to attract us back to the shop again and again.

The Original Yippee Club Milk Tea! ( RM 7:00 for large size).
Milky, fragrant and irresistible drink for me. But some might find it too milky.

Last but not least, another way  to remind me of my past...... a college foundation gang gathering.
It was a full and fun day. Wish I could do this in my every weekend. Searching the taste of my past, discover new things and having fun with friends. It's a nice Saturday after all.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

War of Facebook

It was a boring day.....
It was another working day.....
Until I found this.....

There goes my ordinary-just-another-working-day.
Mind blank, thinking 'What-The-****' at first. But a second later, the name of the fugitive quickly appear in my mind.
Who would be so interested in naming me as a future mum for the sake of his own fun, other than my beloved colleague-Jaemy ?

Of  course, I won't just sit there and let him had all the fun.

Revenge #1:
Wanted to offer a super-tempting reward at first, but that's just too expensive for his head. So, I decided he only worth RM2.

Revenge #2:
What can I say? If you can terrorize people's fb account when they're away, please remember to logout your own one when you have to attend a sudden meeting, if not.....
Well, thanks to the 'pepper' that he add, at least my office day and my fb account become a little more flavorful.....

And I learn 1 thing..... ALWAYS remember to logout whenever you're away, even just for 1 second, cause you don't know when your feel-so-bored colleague will get a chance to touch your keyboard.....

Friday, March 5, 2010





这样的一篇文章是在几年前的24th October写的。几年之后的今天,人已经大了点,记忆也累积多了一点,当然心情也不会跟当时一样了。

Monday, March 1, 2010

The 'Lou Sang' Journey of CNY 2010

I know I'm lazy (...always...). But I just can't get myself together to do the typing and photo editing for my own blog, cause of all these stupid festive seasons (Christmas, CNY, blah, blah, blah.....). Lots and lots of holidays, make you lazy and wish to do absolutely nothing, but spend all your money.....

My CNY for this year is quite normal, ordinary, usual......or should I say boring? Nah, is not that boring actually. Just that the more I grow up, the more I can't feel the joy and happening of the festival. I still remember when I was small, I'll be watching tv at home, waiting for reunion dinner on the eve of CNY, sometimes help out in the kitchen (just sometimes), while my aunt busy preparing the dinner from noon onwards. During CNY, we'll visit relatives house in Gopeng, I'll ask some friends to go along for house hoping (mainly to take more ang pow of course) and we usually stay up till very late for the first 2 nights of CNY, helping my aunt do the praying. Everything is just so fun and lively when it comes to CNY.

Well, I don't really feel that much for this year. In fact, the feeling of excitement for CNY become less and less during these few years. I guess things really change a lot when we grow up.

But still, I had some fun too. As my title, I think 'lou' quite a lot of 'sang' this year. Not that many really, but most of my CNY events come with 'lou sang'. (that's a must for CNY.....)

The first CNY-like dinner that I had this year was my sort of  收工酒 at 1+1 steamboat, treated by ling ling, our boss for the brand department.....(ling ling 万嵗!!!???). No 'lou sang' for this 1 (yet....), but make it so CNY was the post dinner activity.....posing and photographing at 1Utama, with all the Meows~

Loveeeeee those cute and fat meows all over 1Utama. Makes everyone wanna hug them...(including me....)

Eve was the busiest day for my, had to rush for 2 reunion dinner(?) at 1 day, morning at dar-dar's place, night at aunt's place. Last year use to be 3, but this year my mom join my aunt side (thankfully!), so that save my stomach a bit.

Nothing much for day 1 & 2 of CNY, no relatives, no activity, nothing special for day 1. And day 2 was a little special, co I get to have a post valentine's dinner and watched Percy Jackson on that day. Is like a out-of-prison day for me, coz I was damn boring on day 1. Family dinner again on day 3, blah, blah, blah......and my 'lou sang' thingy starts on day 4.......when we're celebrating the '1/4 working + 3/4 new year~ing' mood with my beloved colleagues at neway, 1Utama.


Fun sing k session, quite a nice way to celebrate CNY. Had another gathering with secondary school's ji muiz on that night. Feels great, coz it's been a really long while since I last appear in a gathering.

The second 'lou sang' was with my family on the 7th day of CNY (the real day that you suppose to 'lou sang'). Cute little Hou Hou ( 5 years old cousin of mine) almost throw his chopstick in the air during the 'lou sang'.

And finally, the 'wait for so long' gathering with those animation ffk kaki.

I know 'lou sang' suppose to be fun, but they're just way too excited during the 'lou sang' session (my hands T.T .....)
Love to see them as well. It's been a long time since we all gather, and we still spend some crazy time like we use to during the college time.

That, more or less conclude my CNY 2010. Still have to work on week days, still wondering what to do in life, what's really new other than the year?

I know is already too late, but still I wanna wish whoever that read this Happy Chinese New Year 2010 (or 2011 in really advance better?)