Thursday, December 31, 2009

My 2009.....

Looking at Jaemy's blog makes me think back on what I did throughout the whole 2009.
And let's see.....


Is really nothing much bout this 3 months...Just normal working, shopping, Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day, bla, bla, bla.....

And here come the...


There was this news from Sean (my office's copy writer) said that JAL had a promotion for their flight from KL to Japan.....
Under his strongly recommendation....we booked our trip to JAPAN! (my dream place to travel...)


Waiting and planning for our free and easy trip to Tokyo...(extremely excited)


The best month throughout this whole 2009....coz I went to Tokyo!!!

We had an awesomely great time there of course......


Besides spending our working time like a zombie (post Tokyo trip reaction),there were these crazy interns in our office, and we had some crazy time together.....

Tiring but fun Sing K session at 1 Utama.

The Jogoya Promotion...

The crazy trip to Port Dickson & Malacca.....


Is my Birthday month!!! But too bad, nothing beats June after the Tokyo trip.....

Went to Pangkor as a Birthday trip....First time did some beach side activities....nice experience....


Eleana's (my office's producer) Big day.....

Everyone's trying to look good on that day.....


Spend another zombie month while planing for the Christmas trip.....(I love Christmas)


Here comes my favorite month....Christmas Month!!!
Spending Christmas at KL would be nice, but since I never meet Singapore for 2 years, of course should pay a visit went on a Christmas trip to Singapore.....

Well, this trip more or less conclude my 2009.
Problems still there, issues stay unsolved... But what's new, right?
Thanks to all these trips, I can say I still enjoy my 2009 :)

And now, should start and fight for my happily 2010!!!

Happy 2010 Everyone!!!


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Japin Restaurant @ Sg. Wang Plaza

It was a fine late afternoon when I walked around Sungei Wang Plaza, searching for my brunch (Yes! It was 2:35pm and I haven't eaten anything yet!). And I found this in the concourse floor near Giant (place that use to be Parkson). Presenting the Japin Restaurant.....

How it attract me? First,it is a JAPANESE ramen house (I'm quite obsess with japanese stuff.) Second, the shop is mainly in Pink! Well, I think these 2 reason is more than enough for me to go in (haha).

Their choices of ramen are quite a lot (defnitely more than 10 type to choose) and all come in set too (included tea and salad). Since my dar dar already ate something, so we only ordered 1 set of ramen and 1 side order.

The Green Tea that comes with the set.
I found that their quite nice to give us an extra cup of cold water when they found out we only ordered 1 drink (cause most of the restaurant wouldn't do the same thing).

Salad that comes with the ramen set too.
A small plate of salad with some cabbages, carrots and corns in it. Love the sweet taste of the mayonnaise. I think they put some ebiko in it too, cause I saw some red dots in the mayonnaise.

Syoyu Ramen (RM 14.60 - set price)
The most basic ramen in the restaurant.Comes with 2 pieces of japanese char siu and 1 half boiled egg. Like any other Syoyu Ramen, the soup is clear and sweet. The ramen here are thinner than those that I used to eat, looks more like wantan mee to me. Anyway, my favorite in this bowl was.....

The Half Boiled Egg!!!

It looks like it was fully cooked from outside, but when I bite it, the liquid from the yolk starting to dripped out.....loved the taste of the egg. Wanted to order the egg for extra side order, but felt that is quite expensive if you order the egg alone.....(RM 1.80/ egg)

Last, but not least.....the Gyoza!(RM 6.80/ 6 pieces)
I love to eat gyoza, no matter is the chinese or japanese version.
The wat they cook their gyoza here is a bit different from outside. I ordered gyoza in so many restaurant before and most of them will fried to burn the skin a bit or some even deep fried the whole gyoza (poor gyoza). From what I read from book, gyoza should only fried 1 side, with some flour and water as base on the pan (hope you know what I'm talking about.....cause I don't really understand my own word either...haha). Erm, what I'm trying to say is, I think they use the right matter to cook the gyoza in this restaurant.

The skin is crunchy, and the filling is definitely more than those that I tried before. Nice!

Other than ramen, they serve other japanese rice sets and dessert too. I think I'll visit this restaurant again to try out other stuff (or maybe just for the sake of the EGG!!!)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Kath's Wonderlab: Pineapple Tart

Just wanna share bout what happen in my kitchen ( & living room...) when I was free.....

Plenty of experiments happen in here.....And 1 of it was about.....The Pineapple Tart!

Pineapple Tart (original recipe from

Produce some homemade Pineapple Tarts that taste like the Taiwanese version and not so sweet according to my liking.


1 whole Pineapple
1 whole Winter melon (S size)
Castor Sugar + Brown Sugar
Maltose (麦芽糖)

Pastry (Sable Dough):
Icing Sugar


1. Remove skin and seeds and cut pineapple and winter melon into small piece.

2. Blend it.

3. Combine the blended fruits in a sauce pan/pot, and cook in medium heat. (Be careful while heating the filling, cause when it's boiling, it might spit out)

4. When the liquid of the filling reduce to half, put in the sugar (for the sweet taste, so I just put the amount that I think is enough). The original recipe only use castor sugar, but since I have some brown sugar, might as well give it a try.....

5. When the filling cooked till almost dried out, put in the maltose (also for the sweet taste, so put as much as u like.....). Keep stir the filling once a while to prevent it from burn.

6. And finally (not so final), I've got my homemade pineapple paste!

7. Prepare the pastry. First, cream the butter. Then, mix in the dry ingredients. Finally, mix in the egg and refrigerate for more than 2 hours before use.

8. Roll the pineapple paste to form some balls. ( I use around 3/4 tbs of the paste to form 1 ball)

9. Do the same to the dough. (make sure is big enough to cover the paste ball) If the dough is too soft and sticky, cover with some plain flour, by using this way, it is easier to roll.

10. Finally, make some pineapple dumplings out of this 2 things, and send into the oven with 170 degree preheat (20 minutes).


Quite a success for a first time try. (^_^)


1. Be extra careful while boiling the filling, cause it spit out and hurt my hand...

2. Brown sugar don't give much fragrant to the paste, so just stick to the original castor sugar.

3. Some says the paste should not be so smooth, should have some fruit to chew. So maybe next time, I should not blend all the fruits. Should left some, and cut it into smaller piece, then cook together with the rest.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Kath's Wonder Food: Marche Movenpick Restaurant

(It pronounce as Mar-shay, means french market.....)

This is a bit late to be posted cause this is actually my dar dar's* birthday event. But who cares, as long as I can have good food and share it, right?

Whenever I shop at The Curve, this is the place I'll look at when I pass by, and still, not dare to go in. Reason? It look expensive, so I'll save it for some special event. And here comes the special event (chance for some good food)!!!

A step away from the entrance, I realized it is not a normal is a restaurant which I need to hold a ticket for all time and beg for a stamp whenever I ordered food! (not really that surprising, huh....)
Overall, it makes me I'm either in a slightly high class food court or a all-you-can-eat buffet that I have to pay for it during my exit (sad). But is fun though, cause the interior makes me feels like I'm a western market place (that's the whole concept of this restaurant.....)

Not much of choice like a food court, what they have is a counter each from beverages to desserts, but again, is fun walking around choosing what you wanna eat, really like a buffet, just that you have to pay for each things you ordered.

Roasted 1/4 chicken with black pepper sauce ( RM 16.50 )
Nicely roasted chicken with the choice of  2 sauce, black pepper / mushroom.

Side order - Mashed Potato with mushroom sauce ( RM 1.50 )
My favorite mashed potato (anything that's made from potato sure is nice), also with 2 choice of sauce, black pepper and mushroom. Love the creamy texture of the mashed potato and the flavorful mushroom sauce.( I realized that they're quite generous when comes to sauce...) Wish to order 1 more, but need to save room for other sad that I'm not a big appetite person : ( .....

Large Honey Dew Juice ( RM 8.60 )
I saw the bar tender pressed 3 - 4 slices of honey dew down the juicer, so this is sure not water + little juice thingy like we have in mamak. Although it called 'Large', but for me is not that large though, maybe because I have a liquid-drainer beside me (my dar dar). But since the price for the small and large size are just differ by RM 1.00, so might just as well take the large 1.

Small Salads( RM3.50 )
The salads there are counted by the size of the bowl, so next time you go, you can practice the pizza hut's salads taking skill there (hope you know what I mean ^_^ ).


Sweet Crepe with Mix Fruit ( RM 6.50 ) + Nestle Ice- Cream ( RM2.50 )
We already had our main course, beverage and a salad as starter, of cause we can't miss out the dessert!
At first, I wanted to have a caramel pudding, but is too late when I reach the dessert bar, cause all the pudding's gone : ( ..... So instead, I take this crispy crepe with choice of 2 filling, hazelnut chocolate / cream cheese ( I take the hazelnut choco, coz not in the mood for cream cheese after a full meal ) and also 2 choice of fruit, mix fruits / bananas. What else can be added to complete this crepe? Of cause is a scoop of creamy vanilla ice-cream! But then I found out that the ice-cream has to pay separately, and is nestle some more.... a bit disappointed..... But overall, is a nice crepe.....

The tickets that were given to us at the entrance and the one who holding it ( you know who ).
Please, please don't drop or throw away or flush the ticket down the toilet, cause is you do, you'll need to pay a high price for that missing ticket ( RM 200 if I not mistaken....). So, hold it tide.

(* p/s: Why dar dar? Coz someone addressed my boyfriend as my dar dar in fb yesterday, so for my convenient, I'll just call him the same name here....hehe....)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Blog Renovation.....

Erm....I just wanna announce that this blog is currently under renovation. So don't bother to look at the layout...that's all. (nobody will read this anyway...haha)