Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wonderland Vs Wanderland

First of all, why call this blog 'Wonderland'?
Yes, everyone hopes that their life is wonderful, but how many of them really think that "Oh, my life is sooo wonderful...."?My guess is..........not many, including me.
Life's quite perfect for me before I start my working life, but once I step out from my college, is totally a different world. Life's getting more complicated now. Well, I'm not saying that I don't like my life now. But I just can't stop myself from keep wandering, 'Is this the life I wanted?'.

I have a nice job, nothing troublesome happens to my family, I've a boyfriend that really cares for me, and I even have few good friends. Everything looks fine. But some how, I just keep wandering, 'Am I really happy with my current status?'.
Nowadays, I find myself become more and more confuse. I can't say that I lead an unhappy life. Is just that I keep feeling there is nothing to celebrate in my daily life, nothing to feel happy for, nothing that I can think of now.
Another question pops out, "Am I too greedy?", "Will I get punishment for my greediness?"
Just keep on wandering......
So, I think better I name this blog 'Kath's Wanderland', refer to the owner that keep on wandering in her daily life....(haha).....

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My First Post!!!

Well, really nothing much to say in this first post.
Just wanna say 'Hi'.......
And hoping that I can manage my blog better than before....haha....