Monday, June 7, 2010

My first batch of Egg Tart!!!

When your life is just between office and your bed, you HAVE TO do something else to let yourself realize that you're not a freaking zombie.

My way: Baking!!!
Finally, with the help of my dar dar's sister, my first ever batch of Egg Tart (mini size) is born(applause please.....)!!!
And they look like this.....

Mini Egg Tart (original recipe from

Produce some homemade Egg Tarts that are edible and suits my liking.

Materials & Procedures
I won't write down the TMO for this time because I was too busy making tarts and forgot to take photos (and also because I'm lazy :p). Anyway, you can check it on the link I posted above. Is much more detail and pro than what I can write. (OK, I'm not a good writer.)

I follow exactly the measuring from the original recipe, and I get 23 mini egg tarts. So, if you want more, just double up the material.


Quite a success for a first time try. (^_^)
I have to say, I like to eat this creation of my own. I always feel sad after baking something cause I always fail. But this 1 really not bad (I think).

I really have something extra here.
Got some egg custard left after I finish making all the tarts.
What I did to it?.....

Ta ta!!! I turn it into this!!!
Strawberry Egg Custard Pudding I mean.
Simply just add a little more milk into the custard, put it some chopped strawberries, put it in to a bain marie (water bath), and fetch it into the oven with 150 C for 30-40mins.

Remember, no waste : )