Thursday, September 16, 2010

Crepe, Crepe.....

Loves the flour + egg batter fried in a flat pan (summary: Pancake / Crepe) ever since I know this thing exist (thanks to those manga that I read). Even more fascinated when I heard that there is such thing called Mille Crepe appear in this world. The idea of super thin pieces of crepe layered up to form a cake shape with creamy cream stuff in between each layer just make me crazy. Must have! ( I told myself.) But where to get?

Well, from what I heard, the most delicious Mille Crepe in Malaysia lies in Malacca. But before I can go to Malacca, I found it at a place nearer than I can imagine.....

Dessert's Bar, which I spotted while wondering around at Hartamas Shopping Center.

Original Flavor Mille Crepe (RM 8.00)
This is the thing that caught my eyes when I passed through the entrance of Dessert's Bar.
Never have any Mille Crepe before I put this into my mouth, not sure what's the original taste like. But this crepe that I had, it's like a heavy version of cake. Each layer of crepe was slightly thicker from what I imagined, and this make the whole cake texture a bit 'bouncy'. Overall, the taste is nice, just that I can easily feel full just by having 2/3 of this Mille Crepe.

Hartamas Shopping Center
Lot K8, Plaza Ground Floor.
Opening hours:
10am to 10pm (daily)

Nope! Not yet.
My journey of hunting the most delicious crepe won't just end like this.

The time had finally arrived when I and a bunch of buddies went on a trip to PD and Malacca.
Yes, Malacca! That means I can finally taste the legendary Mille Crepe of Nadeje!!!

(Just wanted to show the logo of Nadeje here.) Not much time I had before my trip end, so I had to 'da-pao' the crepe and do all those photo shooting on the car.

Original Flavor Mille Crepe (RM8.50)
50 cents more expensive than the Dessert's Bar's Mille Crepe. But the differences not only at the price.
First impression it gives me is, the whole shape of this crepe hold up more like a perfect cake (not like the previous 1, rounded down at the edge). The texture is definitely lighter, the thickness of each layer is quite even. Not too sweet. And most important is, it's so light that I felt like it melted in my mouth. (OK, maybe I'm a little too exaggerated, solid thing WON'T melt). In conclusion, I love this!

Finally, I have tasted the original Mille Crepe!

When I say I love crepe, of course not limited to Mille Crepe. Moreover, Mille Crepe is just a new stuff I discover recently. My all time favorite is still the japanese crepe (again, salute to my manga.....).

And, here leads to another new discovery after the Nadeje's Mille Crepe.....

Shimino Harajuku Japanese Crepes, a crepe counter that I found at Ikano Power Center.
The design of this whole counter is just too lovely not to stop by. Look at how yummy the displays are.....

The displays not only attracted me.....

Without hesitation.....
Kiwi Crepe (RM7.00 ++, If I'm not mistaken.....) is in my hand.....
Taste just like those crepe from Japan. Soft crepe, stuffed with fresh cream and fruits. Yummy.

That's my favorite, always from Japan.....

Crepe anyone?