Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hello 2009!!!

Is a whole new year!

Just grab all the good things from 2008 and leave all the bad things behind.

Wish my family and friends a great new year and may our path lead us to a healthy and happy life.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas to all my dearest friends.....

Well, that's what I think I should say for a start.
Is Christmas time again! A season which I love the most. Ever since the beginning of the year, I've been waiting for this very season to come (well, of course I waited for Valentine's Day, Chinese New Year, and my very own Birthday also la.......). Is a long long wait, and here the season have finally arrived (dang dang dang dang........).

And let's see what I get this year....

Erm..... for a start, the decorations at each shopping mall which I enjoy every year. That's what brings my festive mood on every time. But for this year, I've a little bit of dissactisfaction on the decoration. Maybe because of the whole world financial problem thingy, I kinda feel like each mall not really doing their best this year. Well, I'm not saying that the deco not nice, just not nice enough. My favourite is still the 'Candy Christmas Tree' from Mid Valley @ year 2006. That's the most festive mood that I felt so far.

Next, I have my company party (Christmas + Boss Birthday)! Not much to say on that. There 's always the same kind of celebration at the same place once very two month. Just that this time comes with the present exchange session. Really not much to say. Oh, guess what I get? The Famous 'Nightmare Before Christmas' bag. The moment I receive it, I was like....."Oh, why this?" Is not that it is very bad looking or what. It actually is a fine cd bag. But, first, I'm not a 'Nightmare' fans, second, I don't really use a cd bag, and third, I was wishing to get something that is not too common, like the cd bag ( ya, ya, I'm picky.....very). Still, that's a give that's comes from my luck. I suppose I should accept it gratefully. Eventhough I said that, but in the end I exchange it with one of my colleguage that get a box of golden candle. (Finally, I win! Ha ha.....)
What I think is that box of candle might looks useless to me ( the chance of me using candle is 99% of 'no') but it make me feel more Christmas. Tha's what I want.

The third! (again?)
Well, this time is our own CSD Christmas party. It is more fun then the previous one. We have potluck, which I get to fill my stomach with nice food from all the CSD members. Sadly mine was omelette which I burned it the morning I made it. So what I do? I replace my potluck menu with Mc Donald's Big Breakfast (ha ha). The best part of the party I think should be the way all the member dressed. Some are a bit over, but still it felt so Christmas to me.

Finally, my dating time with my boyfriend on Christmas day. Not much to say too. Yes, I get to walk around the shoping mall, buy things, dinner at nice restaurant, but still, I never really feel the season on the day itself. What I should say? Maybe the more I hope it would be prefect, the more it wouldn't be. Maybe, next year I should wish for nothing (that's impossible!).

In conclusion, each day still come and go as usual, including Christmas. Just hope everyone enjoy their Christmas day. I still love Christmas, that's for sure.

Once again, MERRY CHRISTMAS 2008 to all!