Sunday, May 2, 2010

Twenty Niners.....

Food hunting at Kepong again.
Didn't know what to eat anymore.
And, suddenly, a bright red sign board with some Japanese words catch my eye. ( Anything with Jap elements will sure will catch my attention.....haha)

It's called Twenty Niners, a newly opened japanese style western food restaurant.
Still thinking to go in or not at first ( coz the most cheap thing in the menu was the RM12 kids meal ).
But then, one of the worker walked out and told us that there is a All-You-Can-Eat bar inside for those who order a main course.
And so, we went in doubtlessly.....

Is a Japanese style western restaurant. Hamberg Steak seems to be their specialty. And they claim that their beef are wagyu (和牛), which is a very famous type of beef in Japan. And what they have here is wagyu from Aussie.....

The All-You-Can-Eat bar at the end of the restaurant. Featuring various kind of soups, salads, fried snacks, ice-creams and even Japanese curry with Japanese rice!!!

Assorted salads at the bar.....

2 unlimited refill soft drinks (RM 5/ each) and some all-you-can-eat stuff (FOC)

Various choice of salads from the bar. Very refeshing with a touch of Japanese taste. Love the salad dressing. 

Carrot Soup
Sweet thick soup. And when I say sweet, is not sugar-sweet, is carrot-sweet here. Very natural sweet carrot taste with a little savoury taste that a western thick soup should have. Love it.

Salmon Thick Soup
Another type of soup at the bar. Thought it'll be like Campbell + a chunk of salmons when I first look at it. 
But I was wrong. It fill my mouth with seafood when I spoon it in my mouth. Not a trace of Campbell taste in there. 

Japanese Curry Rice
Another FOC stuff. Can't believe I can find my favorite curry rice in the FOC department. When I say FOC, did you thought that is some cheap local white rice with watery curry sauce? No, no, no. This is real JAPANESE RICE, with THICK, flavorful, very Japanese taste curry. You don't know how much I love Japanese curry rice. The rice itself here is heaven for me. Taste exactly like the Japanese curry rice I had in Japan.

Glass Noodle Salad
I know it looks like what, but this is not Meehoon Goreng. This is one of the salads in the bar. Cold, vinegar-kind sour taste. Makes my appetite grows. The taste is so addictive that we have to do an encore on this. 

So much for the FOC stuff, here comes the main course.....

Italian Chicken (RM19.00)
The main course serve rather slow here. I was almost full with the FOC stuff when they serve this. Considering the price, this dish was not as big portion as I imagine it to be. Same as all other food here, they serve this plate of western chicken with Japanese element in it too.....the white radish with some savoury sour sauce on it. Not a big fan of that, coz the white radish had the natural bitter taste in it ( all plain cooked white radish have that taste I think ). The chicken was just cooked (some part still feels raw to me), with cheese and fresh tomato sauce on it. Quite ordinary for a main course at this price, I should say.

Garlic Onion Burger (RM18.00)
Dar-dar's ordered. (who else will eat beef?) This one more impressive than mine. Big burger (50% bigger than mamak's burger) with thick wagyu patty in it. Juicy, sweet beef patty with very Japanese taste. (that's what dar dar says). Quite full though, the patty alone. 

Assorted Ice Cream
Various flavor of ice cream for grad near the curry bar. A prefect touch for an end of the meal. 

Overall, the All-You-Can-Eat stuff were so fantastic, that it make the main course taste so ordinary. Too ordinary for the price they offering. But I really love the Japanese-western flavor they have here. (How many times did I mention Japanese in this post? )

Twenty Niners

Location :
Block C-G-8, Jalan Metro Perdana 3,
Taman Usahawan Kepong, 52100, Kuala Lumpur.
(Shop lots behind Kepong Carrefour, same row with Bel Pesto, and next to a steamboat restaurant)

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