Monday, April 26, 2010

Lovebite Cafe.....

Born on 14th April 2010, this cafe is the hard-work of a friend of mine, Connie, and her partners.
Of course, when there is food, I have to make sure myself to involve in it (food tasting I mean). Moreover that day was a big day for Connie, sure I can't miss it.

First impression: Clean and tidy space for people to either enjoy food or just plain chat while having drinks.
Love the little painting on the wall, makes the whole place so lovely. Small details, that's what I like :) .Must be the idea of Connie. Always a romantic person.

Second impression: Menu.
Fill with local and western delight, from drinks to desserts. Not many choices, but not little too. Just right for a starting of a cafe.

Next, of course is something that require my taste bud.....

The Drinks:
 Hot Lemon Tea
Ordered by my house mate. Served with quite a generous amount of lemon, I think. Like the taste of the sugar syrup they add in it. Taste a little burned, but not till the caramel level.Makes the whole cup of tea become a little more special to taste.

Hazelnut Coffee Ice Blended (if I'm not mistaken......Forgot what it actually called :p )

Watermelon Juice
Fresh fruit juice, of course (what else it can be..... -_-") I saw the watermelon being processed in front of my eye, so no cheating, all are real fresh fruits in this cup.

Ice Lemon Tea
Same generous amount of lemon, same tea, just that this is the ice version. Meaning, less sugar taste.
Now, the food.....

Homemade Nasi Lemak (if I'm not mistaken, again)
Recommended by Connie herself. Very homey feel. Just like it's made by mummy (that's what my dar dar says). The sambal were not too sweet or too spicy. Personally, I hate those extremely spicy sambal, those that no other taste but spicy. Really, what's the point of tasting nothing but the numbness of your tongue? So, for me, this one is just fine.

Tomyam Fried Meehoon
Quite a big portion for me. And flavorful too.

Chicken Cordon Bleu
My favorite! (Anything to do with cheese and chicken might be my favorite).
Not like other cordon bleu, this version was not breaded and deep fried with no sauce on top. This version included 2 pieces of grill chicken breast, with ham and cheese, plus a layer of creamy sauce around. Although I enjoy all the cordon bleu outside, but I always wish for a little more sauce for the piece of deep fried meat. And, I get it here. 

Dessert time!
Green Tea Tiramisu
Also recommended by Connie herself.
Soft green tea cake with creamy green tea filling in the middle. Love the smoothness of the mousse like filling. Just that I wish the green tea flavor could be heavier.

Honeydew Sago Milk (sorry if I say it wrongly, I really can't remember the exact name :p)

Manggo Milk ( I think )

Cheese Pudding
This was something special. I often eat cheese cake, but not cheese pudding. Smooth milky cheese pudding top with salty cheese sauce. Can't accept the salty taste for a dessert at first. But as I finish it bit by bit, I felt that this is quite a special and nice combination. My house mate love it.

That pudding conclude my visit to this new born baby. 
For a baby, future improvement is a must. Connie told me they will add more choices to the menu from time to time. But for now, so far so good for me, as a customer. 

Lovebite Cafe
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 53100

Mon - Wed: 12:00 pm - 1:00 am
Fri - Sat: 12:00 pm - 2:00 am
Sun: 12:00 pm - 1:00 am

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